Assignment: Find error.

Scriptural language is not always considered orthodox doctrine.

This creed won the general approval of most of the participants of the Council of Nicaea. Its language was scriptural, it taught the deity of Christ, and it affirmed the personal distinctions of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. However, it was ultimately rejected and replaced by the Nicene Creed.  Your assignment is to find the error.

The Trinity Shield

The Trinity Shield

“We believe in ONE GOD, the Father Almighty; And in THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, his Son, who was begotten on him before all ages, the Divine Logos, through whom all things were made, both those in heaven and those on earth; who came down and was made flesh; and suffered; and rose again; and ascended into the heavens; and shall come again to judge the quick and the dead. And in THE HOLY GHOST; and in the resurrection of the flesh; and in the life of the world to come; and in a kingdom of heaven; and in one Catholic Church of God which extends to the ends of the earth.”

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