Although both of these sciences occupy some common ground, philosophy is a science of seeking to find the truth using speculative theories or by training and instruction of various views arriving at a consensus (hypothesis), or arriving to some conclusion using our intellectual powers.

Theology on the other hand relies on authority, and the Christian’s sole authority is the Holy Bible. Theology is then a declaration of the truth found in Holy Scripture, receiving as truth whatever God has revealed in His Word.  Most conservative Christians I know approach all topics from the latter viewpoint, although we enjoy the science of philosophy too.

Christians do not deny that our senses and reason are useful informants which enable us to arrive at a certain conclusions regarding this topic or that topic. Christians also believe that philosophy is truly subservient to biblical theology, while non-christians generally view them as different, but equal, branches of the same study. As an illustration we could say that for the Christian theology is the king of sciences and philosophy is the queen. All this is to say that, as a Christian, I will use the Bible as my authority.

Conservative Christian writers are highly regarded for finding answers to life’s questions from the Old and New Testaments, and no where else.

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