To the atheists and other critics we say that they are greatly mistaken. The Holy Bible has no contradictions but only difficulties which can ordinarily be resolved by a) examining the translation; b) determining if the manuscript is faulty; or c) the critic admitting that he has not understood the text.  Critics of the Bible are fraught with miscalculations in every way imaginable.

Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (18 May 1872 – 2 February 1970)

He could could find paradoxes, but could not find God

In this last instance, critics are in a hurry to get through the Bible and consequently have difficulty following its flow and timeline — after all, they have a pretext to maintain. Lacking proper study tools, a layperson may not have the wherewithal to compare Scripture with Scripture. If they happen upon something they do not understand, the critic may judge the text to be errant. If they personally do not comprehend the biblical narratives then the critic assumes no one else does either. 

The critic of this type should seek assistance from someone who is informed and has the proper tools to resolve any perceived difficulties that may exist.  Yet they rarely do, and thereby subject themselves to further ignorance and foolish speculation.

The possibility exists, too, that amid those who resist the Word of God there are some who are in themselves dually corrupt in their thinking, an unfortunate predicament in which the Sadducees had also fallen: 1) they are basically ignorant of the Scriptures; and, 2) their lack of knowledge is teemed (and teamed) with a thorough disbelief in the power of God (Matt. 22:29).

There are no mistakes in the revelation of God, but indeed there are countless misinterpretations in the mind of these men. The critics of the Bible are fraught with miscalculations in every way imaginable.

The alleged errors in the Bible are not found in the Author of this great and holy Book, but originate in some imperfection in the critic himself.

It is fascinating that some people read the Bible, and in so doing become enlightened and encouraged; still others read the same material and become further confused.

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