One doesn’t know whether to be angry or sad.

Mark Galli has recently discovered a new and effective preaching technique: Reading Scripture.  How innovative!  Someone should have thought of it sooner.

The Senior Managing Editor at Christianity Today (a magazine of evangelical conviction!), is feeling shamefaced that he is annoyed during the public reading of Scripture. As an overcoming yawner himself, he has written an article to assist others conquer boredom when hearing the Word of God.  

And he is running the show at CT?  Carl F.H. Henry would not be pleased.

Unlike the Bible, Galli's books are really really boring

Read the Bible; it's more interesting

When Mark sermonizes, “he often quotes the Bible” – up to six verses!  So how come this pioneering system of homiletics appears completely to have eluded all of Christendom for two millennia? This is a real breakthrough in the science of exegesis. We have reached a crucial milestone in the art of preaching, one that is truly historic, and progressive seminarians across the country will surely be debating this topic for years to come.

But unenlightened pastors might want to think twice before jumping on the Galli bandwagon. There are unforeseen consequences if preachers adopt this method.  For one, the congregation might become bored and leave the church. To be safe, the laudable aspect about rejecting this novel concept is that Bible recitation will no longer be a barrier to more important things, that is to say the flock’s amusements.

American Evangelicalism  is in worse condition than previous thought.  It is tragic that pastors get bored reading and hearing the Bible.  No wonder the people find it irrelevant.

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