The Author of providence is God Himself. The Scripture rhetorically asks, “Who gave God authority over the whole earth [i]?”  The answer is self-evident: The Creator has the right to organize the universe and all things in it.  All things are from Him and through Him. Creation is directed and ordered to His glory [ii]. The Triune God is the one efficient Cause and Author of providence – The Father [iii], the Son [iv], and the Spirit [v].  Therefore, fate, fortune, and chance ought not to be part of a Christian’s vocabulary.

Some instruments of providence that God chooses to use should be noted:

1)      Angels, good and bad.  Good angels are the ministers of God that do His pleasure. These await His orders and speedily execute His desires. They guard and protect the saints and do much good for them [vi].

Evil angels are sometimes employed in the affairs of providence, for the infliction of punishment on wicked men or for the chastisement of the people of God [vii].

2)      Kings and civil magistrates. The powers that manage our governments are ordained by God and are ministers of His to reward those citizens who do good and behave well. To others who are evildoers, they are to execute wrath and the sword upon them [viii].

3)      Ministers of the Word and heads of families.  Ministers turn men away from their sins to the way of salvation. Heads of families, by instruction and example serve God’s providence to those who are under them.

4)      Irrational creatures.  Even animals are employed in providence. The bests of the field, the fowls of the air, the fish of the sea are at the beck and call of the Creator [ix].


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