Let us observe how God’s special providence attends all the people of God.  Before conversion, even as so as they are born, divine guidance is evident.  The apostle Paul tells us that he was “separated from my mother’s womb [i].”  This apparently refers to the fact that Paul was taken under providential care as soon as he was born. God’s eye was upon him all along, from birth to the time of conversion. 

Many men are spared from imminent danger before conversion and are thereby saved before being called, that is they are saved to be called. Many are saved from the more corrupting influences of life before conversion, though of course this is not the case with all.   Many are blessed with a Christian education from their earliest days, though this is not the blessing with everyone; yet, such is a providential favor.

At conversion the providence of God the providence of God is often remarkably concerned either in bringing the Gospel to places where people live [ii], as to Philippi for the sake of the conversion of Lydia and her household [iii], and of the jailer and his house [iv].  Very striking is the conversion of Onesimus, a runaway slave, who was cast in the same prison in which the apostle Paul was incarcerated. It was there, through the ministry of the apostle, the man was made spiritually alive [v].  At the most, ministers draw the bow at the venture: it is divine providence which in the gracious manner directs the Word of God to the sinner’s heart, where through the sovereign operation of the Holy Spirit a man is raised to life and believes in Jesus Christ.

After conversion the providence of God appears as surely as before.  God preserves His people from many evils and dangers.  God’s providence causes all things to work together for the good of His people and to the glory of Himself [vi].  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them all [vii].  Our God will guide us until death [viii].

 For this grace we give thanks!

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[v]  Philemon 10

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[vii]  Psalm 34:19

[viii]  Psalm 48:14

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