“For in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark.  And they knew not until the flood came and took them all away”  – JESUS CHRIST (Matthew 24:38-39).

The United States has been submerged in debt and socialism to its own destruction. The torrent did not come at once.  Americans are unaware that they are about to be swept away.

All human communities come under the influence of great tides of thought and appetite that run deeply below the surface of their culture. After a while these powerful streams of opinion and desire move the entire social mass along with them without the individuals in the mass being aware of the direction in which they are being led.  Up to a point it is possible to resist these controlling tides and reverse them, but a moment eventually arrives when the waves are so strong that society loses its power of decision over the direction it is going.

America is unwittingly moving along under the dominion of such tides. All the things we do to deal with our accumulating perils are futile because we do not understand these tides nor the direction in which they are carrying us. It is too late to think we still have in our ability the means of checking this onrush to disaster.  Some may believe that we are still in control of our destiny; however, the move toward an irreversible crisis is inevitable.  America is no longer at a juncture where we must either use or lose our final opportunity to determine the direction along which this once great nation will travel.  We are too late.




It's too late to turn back the waters

Dangerous waters dribbled in as the Second World War came to an end. Americans were nervous about what was supposed to be a reconversion problem and the inevitable deflation.  Initially, there was no sign of a crisis.  Despite solemn predictions in the second year after the war, the crisis did not come – nor in the third year nor the fourth year.   Businessmen began to conclude that there will be no crisis. A feeling of relief had settled fairly snugly into the plans and hopes of almost every class of citizen.

Our economic system was altered, and our political system as well. Of course the explanation of this continuing war boom was quite obvious: the hot war had ended and the cold war had begun.  Having lost Japan and Germany as enemies, we managed to acquire a new one – Russia. Instead of ending our vast war expenditures, we continued to spend billions a year on our military establishments, plus billions more to reconstruct Europe and save her from being engulfed by the Communist threat.

At this time we had a relatively large number of people employed, though unemployment had risen to 4,000,000 workers; the number of idle workers continued to rise each month.  America spent $1.5 billion on our defenses because of a threat of war with Russia. We spent $5 billion more to rehabilitate Europe – spending the money in factories and farms to send supplies abroad. Then we spent an additional $1.5 billion to rearm Europe.

We began to worry that the cold war would come to an end. If we cut our military outlays to a peacetime basis and make an end supporting Europe then this would immediately result in throwing at least 4 million people out of work in the first place, and at least 4-5 million more when the first 4 million quit buying in stores.  In short we, our economic system resulted in a permanent “war” economy – a “cold” war economy. If the cold war should end, what then would we do?

It is now beginning to seep in your mind that we have been living in this war economy to our present day.  Recent wars have only expanded the first war economy. 

To be continued …

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