There is an assertion commonly made among badly informed people in the Muslim world that the Judeo-Christian Scriptures we hold in our hands today are untrustworthy because they have been corrupted. They have been changed, Muslims say, by collaboration between Jewish and Christian scholars. This argument is preposterous.  I do not see Jews and Christian scholars ever getting along in any endeavor, especially in a joint undertaking to rewrite the Old Testament Scriptures. The Jews love their Old Testament Books and would never collaborate with Christians or anyone else in an attempt to change these Scriptures.

The Psalms Scroll with transcription.

Jews and Christians working together to corrupt this text?

Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 are two (of many) strong messianic passages. These verses, in particular, point directly to the crucifixion of Jesus.  I doubt the Jews would ever collude with the Christians to amend the Bible in this manner. Furthermore, there exist Old Testament manuscripts, including a scroll of Isaiah complete from beginning to end, dating prior to the first century that agree word for word with the Bible we have today.  The Isaiah Scroll has been carbon-14 dated at least four times, including a study at the University of Arizona in 1995 and a study at ETH-Zurich in 1990-91. The four studies produced calibrated date ranges between 335-324 BC and 202-107 BC; thus the scroll is nearly one thousand years older than Islam itself. 

It has become clear and beyond dispute that long before Muhammad’s (MHBHF) time the Jews and Christians had definite lists (canons) of books which they held to be divinely-inspired, and these books were the very same that are found today in the Old and New Testaments which are now in circulation, and which have been translated into Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Urdu and some four hundred languages throughout the world.   

The Old and New Testaments we have now are the same that existed in Muhammad’s (MHBHF) time and long before.  We have manuscripts from archaeological digs which prove that the Old and New Testaments which are now in circulation are those which existed in the hands of the Christians and Jews in Muhammad’s (MHBHF), and to which the Qur’an bears such clear witness.  No Muslim can be expected to believe that He sent down the Qur’an in order to confirm a corrupted book!

The only question that remains is, “Has the Bible been corrupted since the time of Muhammad (MHBHF)?”  There are thousands of manuscripts which attest to reliability of the Bible we have today, including the one aforementioned, written in most cases long before Muhammad (MHBHF) and are those from which the copies of the Bible now in circulation are printed.

Copy of Paul's Epistles dates 500 years before Islam

All Muslims everywhere are called to answer the question “When was the Bible corrupted?”  If the Muslim answers “before Muhammad (MHBHF),”  he is in a dilemma because he accuses Muhammad (MHBHF) of being a false prophet since, as it has been noted, the Qur’an, which the Muslim professes to be the inerrant Word of God, clearly refers to the Bible as God’s Word (كلمة الله) and is to be obeyed and followed.  If, on the other hand, the Muslim says “after Muhammad (MHBHF),” he is also in a great dilemma because the Bible had already been written in many languages and distributed widely throughout the world. Who changed it?  When was it changed? What did it say before it was changed?  Does history record such an historic event, as it would certainly be the case if all the leaders of the Christian and Jewish communities worldwide were to come together to rewrite the Holy Scriptures?   Why did the Muslims fail to protect the integrity of the Word of God?

In earlier times there was some excuse for ignorance and error on this subject, but there is none now. 

Time is running out for the Muslim critic.  Mankind should repent and believe the Gospel, being saved from his sins before the Day of Judgment comes upon the world.   Do not delay in being wise.

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