Nearly two dozen were convicted of fraud or for funneling Asian funds into the United States elections

Exactly ten years ago the Wall Street Journal featured an editorial listing the major security lapses under the Clinton Administration.  The most disturbing was the loss of a State Department laptop computer belonging to the Bureau of Intelligence and Research. The computer apparently contained “code word” material that is more sensitive than even “secret” documents.  Officials did not promptly report the loss and the nation’s sources and methods in weapons proliferation intelligence was put at great risk.

The loss of the laptop was part of a disturbing trend of security lapses in the Clinton administration.  In December 1999, an intelligence officer assigned to the Russian Embassy in Washington was expelled from the U.S. after he was discovered operating a listening device in a seventh-floor conference room at the State Department.

The CIA was severely embarrassed when it found out that its former director, John Deutch, had placed highly classified information on his personal computer and then used this computer to send and receive unsecured email. Once again this breach of security was not promptly reported.

It gets much worse.

Vice President Made Appearances In Exchange For Cash

The apparent loss of highly classified data to the China on nuclear weapons from one or more of our national laboratories is one of the most notorious security breaches in our history. We never found out much about these security lapses and most people have forgotten about them.  Are those responsible for the espionage within the Energy Department still there? What we did learn is most disturbing. First, China obtained classified U.S. nuclear information that allowed its country to accelerate its program to develop advanced nuclear weapons.  Then China obtained design information on several advanced nuclear re-entry vehicles, including the Trident II.  Lastly, China obtained information on a variety of U.S. weapon designs, including the neutron bomb.

Indicted For Stealing U.S. Secrets For China

The Clinton Administration was lax in correcting these lapses.  The Justice Department denied the FBI’s request to search the laptop computer belonging to Wen Ho Lee, a Los Alamos nuclear scientist – even though Mr. Lee had signed a waiver allowing a search at any time.

Lastly we have the sorry spectacle of Chinese influence-peddlers being paraded around in the White House to meet President Clinton in return for campaign contributions.  Clinton-Gore fundraiser Maria Hsia was earlier convicted by a federal grand jury of five felony counts in a Buddhist Temple scheme.  It was revealed during her trial that Vice President Gore made appearances in return for funds that were secretly funneled to the Democrat Party.

Democrats cannot be trusted to uphold their oaths to “preserve and protect” our country against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Most recently, the Obama administration for the first time made public the extent of the U.S.’s atomic weapons arsenal, revealing to the world that we have 5,113 warheads.  Hillary Clinton followed up by declaring, to the surprise of everyone attending her United Nations lecture, that the U.S. was announcing the size of its nuclear arsenal, as well as the number of atomic weapons it has destroyed from its arsenal. It was the first time the U.S. has disclosed those figures, which had been previously regarded as highly classified.

Democrats cannot be trusted to keep America’s national secrets secure.

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