WSJ: It was the Photo-Op Presidency

Ten years ago, 19 January 2001, in a deal with Independent Counsel Robert Ray, President Clinton admitted that he made false statements (lies) in the Monica Lewinsky case. Clinton surrendered his law license for five years – he joined Richard Nixon as the only President to be so sanctioned.  In return Mr. Ray declined to prosecute Mr. Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice; however, he did manage to wrestle from Mr. Clinton what history will understand to be clear admission of guilt.  The agreement effectively ended the Watergate investigation, which began in 1994 with questions about the Clintons’ land dealings in Arkansas but thereafter expanded into Oval Office abuse of power and misconduct.

The next day -only hours before leaving his term in office – President Clinton issued 140 pardons.  Included on the list were several of Hillary’s New York constituents as well as the Clintons’ former Whitewater Development Co. partner, Susan McDougal.  Ms. McDougal was thus rewarded for refusing to cooperate with Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “the Clinton Era was over.”

George W. Bush was sworn in as 43rd President of the United States.

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