Dear future American:

Are you sure you want to be an American?

Nothing would make Americans happier than to see our 12 million illegal residents become productive above-board citizens.  We value much more than your hard work and strong family values; we value you! – we value you, an individual and person. We wish you prosperity and freedom, and we welcome you and your families to our great country. Most Americans are sympathetic toward your predicament and we truly want to help.  We will make room for you if you wish to become members of our country. Here are ten steps toward that goal.

1) Self-perception is critical to resolving your immigration status.  The first step is to think of yourself as an American. Those who have been here since childhood should start thinking as bona fide Americans.  You are not Méxican, you are American.   You live in America.  America is your home. Obviously you love this country more than any other or you would move back to México.

You have a better chance of garnering public support if you identify with the culture and values of your new home, America.  By and large the citizens of the United States currently perceive that you do not wish to integrate into our society.  We therefore harbor concern that you will burden our society instead of advancing it.  We do not want Méxican culture in America. Do not take this rejection of Méxican culture personally; America does not want my German culture either, nor any other culture.  We are Americans now, and we are proud of it.  We now invite you to become one of us. You must no longer think of yourself as Méxican. You are not Hispanic. You are not even Hispanic-American. In your heart, your soul, your mind you are an American, and an American only.  You are one of us. This is a first and most important step in gaining citizenship and acceptance in our country.

Not helping your chances of immigration

2) Generally speaking, Méxicans are honest hard-working people. However, there is a small, but powerful, minority of Méxicans who cause Americans grave concern: the drug lords.  Step two toward becoming part of American culture is to do your part in destroying this crime family.  You must protect your new country and do what you can to preserve it by keeping it safe for future generations. America would welcome any immigrant who showed loyalty toward our country by standing up to these criminals.  I suggest turning over any information (names, drug house locations, etc) that would lead to the arrest of Méxican drug lords. You can provide this information through the silent witness program.

He’s harming your opportunities too

Press reporting that Méxican immigrants are driving the crime clean-up by working toward the destruction of the drug families (cartels) would only benefit you.  Destroying the myth that illegal immigrants are a key cause of the drug smuggling is essential in turning public opinion in your favor.

3) Turning public opinion in your favor requires that you learn our language. Spanish is not the language of America any more than German is.  The reason I juxtapose Spanish and German in this context is because my hometown in the Midwest was once a community that spoke German, read newspapers in German, and held church services in German.   My mother spoke only German during her youth.  Nearby there were Polish communities, too.

You have a new allegiance

The world war came and our German town did not support Germany.  We sent our boys into war (members of my own family included) to fight for the American cause — not a German cause.  My uncles fought against Germany, a country that included distant relatives. We did so because we were devoted to America, not Germany.  You need to embrace this same devotion to America.  America is not a place loyal to race or ethnicity; we are devoted to the Ideas known as freedom, individualism, and capitalism.

Following the war, we abandoned the German language entirely and fully integrated into American life.  Gone was German media.  Church services were held in English.  There were no longer Polish or German or Irish communities—only American towns.

Send your kids to Boy Scout Camp

4) Step four in becoming an authentic American is to do American things.  Take sweeping steps by joining American community groups such as the Kiwanis, Rotary Club, or send your kids to Boy Scout Camp.  Drink American beer. Wear American clothes.  Support American sports teams. Fly the American flag in front of your home!  Paste pro-American bumper stickers on your car or truck.  I know this sounds silly, but these are practical, real steps in becoming welcomed members of our American society. You need a personal public relations campaign to win the hearts and minds of the American people and these tips will help you achieve acceptance in our country.

Attend an American church service

Instead of attending worship service in an Hispanic church, join an English-speaking community.  Regardless of your denominational predisposition, and whether you are Roman Catholic, Baptist, or Presbyterian or Assemblies of God join a God-fearing American church and take an active role in our English-speaking worship services.   You will be welcomed there.  After getting acquainted with the members you will feel at home. These Americans will minister to you in a variety of ways.

Observe the rapid advancement of the Koreans in our community after the war.  They were once Buddhists, but now are predominantly Presbyterian; in fact, the Koreans have become seminary professors (teaching theology to the Yanks!) in only one generation.

5) Key to having our country accept you as a fellow citizen is your duty to improve our real estate property values. American support for massive Méxican immigration will increase if you improve our neighborhoods. Méxican immigrants should be known as the best citizens in the country.

Clean up the neighborhood!

If Méxican immigrants were, for example, responsible for cleaning up worn-down properties or building up American businesses in distressed neighborhoods, only good will come to you. Neighbors will welcome you with open arms.

Creating clean, well-landscaped, and safe neighborhoods will only advance your cause.  Observe, for instance, the rapid integration of Asian communities.  Their homes and yards are well kept and their neighborhoods are safe.  You should do what you can to encourage development and the rise of property values.

To begin, I suggest that you tour healthy, vibrant neighborhoods and do what you can to emulate them.

Angry mobs turn public opinion against immigration

6) One thing you should not do is create civil unrest. Staging protest and demanding rights that you do not possess will move public opinion against you.  Listening to the voices of revolutionary organizations that support “Hispanic” causes is a sure way to earn distrust among Americans.

Protesting in the streets sends the wrong message to those who would otherwise love to support you.  Marching in the streets making threats and exhibiting anger directed toward our country will be perceived as a violent rebellion to be put down instead of potential citizens to be lifted up.

7) Another way to win the hearts and minds of America is to do your part in halting the flood of illegal immigration. Working with INS and our law officers to halt criminal activity will only advance your acceptance in society.  Turning in the names of coyotes and human smugglers is the right thing to do if you love America and wish to remain here.  Protecting traffickers of illegal activity will only create an environment of fierce resistance whereby authorities will be forced to cut off immigration entirely.  It will benefit all men and women who have lived in this country for many years to halt the flow of criminal aliens at the border.

Learn about our founding documents

8 ) Learning our United States Constitution and our laws will enable you to function as an American.  We are a nation of laws, the Constitution being our supreme law.

We are a unique place, like no other in this world.  One of the reasons people flock here is because we have the best laws and the finest government anywhere.  Anyone or anything that threatens our Constitution and our laws will be met with swift resistance.  You do not want to be “resisted;” you want to be accepted by adopting our laws and our customs.

Knowing and understanding our laws is an advantage you do not want to miss. You must be a supporter of the US Constitution if you want to live here.

9) Getting to know a little American history will not only advance your chances of integrating fully into American society, but it will give you an appreciation for the land and heroes of our past as well.

Why do Americans love him? You need to know!

Who were our Founding Fathers and great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan?  Why do Americans hold them in high esteem?  How did America begin?  Identifying with Jim Bowie and William Travis instead of immortalizing General Santa Ana is a good start, too.  Remember, you are leaving México behind and claiming your new home and identity as true Americans.  Your allegiance is to your new country, not the one you left behind.  Just as my forefathers left Germany, you must leave México.  You cannot live with one foot in México and another in America.

Read our history books and learn why we became the greatest nation on earth.

No hand outs – come if you wish to serve

10)  Lastly, articulate clearly why you want to live here.  What will you accomplish for America?  What will you personally do to advance and improve our country?  America is not a place where you come to receive benefits, it a place where you serve and build and protect.

John F. Kennedy once asked our citizens, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

This is a country where you have the opportunity to serve, not an expectation to receive gifts and pleasures.

If you feel you are not led to serve in our military or in some other way, then you are not meant to live in America.

I sincerely hope you will take this advice seriously and one day become a proud fellow countryman of the greatest nation ever.

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  1. Alexander March 24, 2011 at 7:36 PM #

    This ‘wishy washy’ article practically sickened me.
    I came to the United States LEGALLY. I had to be in the best of health with not even the hint of a police record in my native land.
    When I came to the United States, I left my Wife and baby Son behind until I had found employment and accumulated enough money to buy furniture for a rented apartment and a used automobile, plus enough for a “rainy day” and health insurance payments… my Family would not leech from the system via hospital emergency rooms like the parasites who come here, and yet we have to fall into step with THEM! …. Press one for English, indeed!!!!!!

    President Eisenhower had the right idea, not only did he have the Mexican “LAW BREAKERS” rounded up and sent back to Mexico, he had them all transported as far south into that country as the railroads stretched, leaving them to find their way back to where they had started initially.

    There was very little ILLEGAL immigration for a long, long time after that.


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