In 1952 the Republicans took the White House after 20 years of Democrat Party control.  This article reflects the mood of the country at the time. It is excerpted from the October 1952 issue of the Reader’s Digest, page 124 …


THIRTY-FIVE citizens of Thomasville, Ga., signed the following advertisement in the Thomasville Times-Enterprise:

For National Offices. For State Offices. For County Offices. For City Offices.

Elections are coming up. We have listened to your ideas, plans and arguments, have tried to select those of you with the most intelligence and integrity, and will so vote. But we want to state one thing in language that is unmistakable, in words that you can understand, and we hope, remember!

If any of you, in any office, vote for anything that will in any manner raise taxes on us, or our business, hidden or open, direct or indirect, we intend to use all the money, work and influence within our power to whip you if you ever run for anything again.

We promise to try as diligently as possible to return you to your old jobs, and let you get back into the producing, instead of the consuming, end of taxation. You won’t like it either.

We mean that just as it sounds. You might well change a lot of unessential expenditures into some essential channels, but don’t expect us to accept any additional bills from you without trying to whip you. Government is getting ten times as much money as it received just a few years back. Government is no better, if as good, as it was at the lower figures. If you are not smart enough to govern this country on its present, or a reduced, income, you aren’t smart enough to earn our confidence or vote, even though your bills may be labeled emergency, essential, progressive, or with any other trick adjectives.

Communism is this country’s greatest menace. We believe the most direct route into it is for you and your political partners to continue to make our dollars more worthless. If you will quit wrecking the economy of this greatest country on earth, we believe we can handle the [enemies of the country]. We don’t want to have to lick you both at the same time. We hope you’ll come first.

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