567 pages to say "They attacked us because they hate Israel"

In my opinion, the most convincing theory about the cause of the September 11 Attack postulates that we were hit because we are Israel’s best friend in the world. Mideast terrorists hate America not for being America but because we are close allies with the Jewish nation.

This idea is also supported by some European elites who hope that America will turn her back on Is­rael, as Europe has done.

Let us review a recent history of European-Arab relationships. It was not long ago many European powers governed the Middle East as occupiers, far more than Americans do today: Italy held Libya. Spain dabbled in northwest Africa. Britain con­trolled the Suez Canal and parts of the Sudan; they also held significant power in Arabia, Jordan and Iraq, and she con­trolled Palestine under the League of Nations. The Brits “owned” Iranian oil via the An­glo-Persian Oil Company. From 1920s through the early 1950s, Britain was the Mideast superpower.

Although Arabs fought with their European occupiers, they never hated Europe with anything ap­proaching today’s obsession with the United States. Until recent times, Arab jihadists launched no strikes against the people of London or Rome or Madrid. 

Ever since the late 1960s, France has worked hard to be a serious player in Arab lands, favoring the murderous regimes that terrorists love. And of course France (unlike the U.S.) has an imperialist history in Arab lands – in North Africa, Syria and Lebanon. But Mideast terrorists do not oppose France like they do the Americans because France is no friend of Israel.

Recall this: to the extent Britain supported the Jews of Palestine (as she largely did during the 1920s and ’30s), she incurred Arab hatred. To the extent she abandoned the Jews of Pales­tine (as she did in the late ’30s), Arab Muslims found it easy to forgive her.

Some people believe that to acknowledge the Israeli-American relationship is to encourage the U.S. to back away from Israel. It would be irrational for the U.S. to do such a thing. Not only that it would also be dishonorable.

Now is the time to speak plainly to our allies, and inspire them to do right: to oppose terrorist murder not only when the victims are Americans or Europeans but also when they are mere Jews — not only in New York and Washington, but in Tel Aviv and Jerusa­lem.

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