Alex Casuccio, a Phoenix-based animal doctor, has returned to the airwaves broadcasting his hatred for Christianity.  Ironically, he attempts this by claiming to be “a Christian ministry without affiliation to a church.”

Is there such a thing as a Christian without a church? Let me say from the outset that the answer is no.

Many people would say yes to that question, and perhaps you would agree. A man believes in God; he prays; he considers himself a Christian when he is asked about his beliefs. But he feels he can get along just fine without church. The important thing, the man reasons to himself, is how he relates to God, not the church family.

If Casuccio (and those who follow this cultist) believe faith is a private matter, a “me and Jesus” thing, a review of numerous biblical passages should be considered. You might ask, “Who says you need church to be a good Christian? Who says so?” Well, God says so. Just look at some of the ways that God describes the church in the Bible:

The Bible calls the church God’s household (Eph. 2:19), God’s family (Eph. 3:14-15). It is home for all who belong to God. So if you stay away from the church, you’re either running away from home or you’re not part of God’s family at all.

The Bible speaks of the church as the bride of Christ. The Lord sees in her a beauty that becomes more and more radiant. He shares with her a deep love and intimacy. The church is more precious to Christ than a bride to her husband. If you despise the church and want nothing to do with it, your attitude is opposed to Jesus’s view of the subject.

The Bible also calls the church the body of Christ. Each Christian is a part of that body. Obviously, for any body part to be alive and active, it must be connected to the body, and so each Christian must be connected to the church. As the body of Christ, the church is alive with the Spirit of Christ and carries on the work of Jesus in the world.

God himself calls us to be part of his church, not only to see the majesty of Jesus, who Himself embodies God in human flesh, but also to see and take part in the beauty of the church, where flesh-and-blood people live in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Bible makes it clear that when people put their faith in Jesus and are filled with the Holy Spirit, they don’t just go their separate ways to do their own thing.

Beware of Alex Casuccio.  He is a dangerous man.  He is misled and he is misleading others.

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