by Sam Battig


Just another day left to lose …



Waiting for high noon.


Putting it all out there,

Muttering to one’s self how it isn’t fair;

You feel you’ve paid your dues,

Yet every day they remind you you’re just 22.


But that’s how life works,

No discrimination for age ,


It’s all about tactics.


By day you’re just another model customer service rep

Paying taxes,

Hi, my name is this,

Might I help you with that;

How was your day?



A matter of fact

Anything else I could do to keep you here

While I stare down your blouse?


Well here’s a genuine smile;

Guess I’ll see you in a little while,

Now scooter on, Little Lady,

We still have customers waiting;


And so it goes …

Front to back.

To and from.

Hour after hour ‘til I’m back home in my shower,

Washing today off.


Maybe feel like I’m lost,

In the corner of my mind,

Blinking thoughts ticking by,

I’m just another undiscovered



So humble and sincere,

Dressed up nice to cover the fear.


Getting lost in myself;

Written forest.

Pick a path and some courses,

Lace your boots,

Saddle the horses,

It’s adventure time again ,

Full of offence and defend

From the front cover to The End.



I met Sam at Bank of America, where he works as a teller.  I see him almost every day.  He is a hard worker, efficient and amicable.  He is well-liked and respected by his colleagues.

I recently learned that he is an aspiring poet.  He leaves his poems on the desks of his co-workers in an attempt to encourage them and brighten their day.  With Sam’s permission I am posting his work for a wider audience.


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