Dr. J. Vernon McGee
(June 17, 1904–December 1, 1988)

In the mid 2000s I served as Director of Media Operations for The Moody Church in Chicago.  One day we were cleaning out the storeroom and I found a box of cassette tapes.  After perusing the sermon titles and dates I quickly realized that I had discovered a treasure trove of teaching from famous preachers of the past. 

In an attempt to preserve these works for the benefit of future generations, I am making these classics available on the internet at no charge.  

I have repaired the audio to the best of my ability using state of the art restoration technology. My apologies are offered for the poor quality. Be aware that the tapes were stored in a damp and cold warehouse under The Moody Church site for decades and then were moved to Phoenix, Arizona where they sat in my garage in 120 degree heat!  All this is to say is that the tapes are worn and damaged…. but the message is not.

You are also free to copy and distribute the material to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Speaker: Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Date of Original: 1978

Location: Moody Church, Chicago, IL

Click on the PLAY icon (below):



Sermon highlights:

  • The Bible does not say a lot about heaven
  • Heaven is a real place, not a mythical fairyland or concept
  • Heaven is as real as your home town
  • In heaven we will live for the first time
  • Our vocabulary is too feeble to describe heaven

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