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In the mid 2000s I served as Director of Media Operations for The Moody Church in Chicago.  One day we were cleaning out the storeroom and I found a box of cassette tapes.  After perusing the sermon titles and dates I quickly realized that I had discovered a treasure trove of teaching from famous preachers of the past. 

In an attempt to preserve these works for the benefit of future generations, I am making these classics available on the internet at no charge.  I have repaired the audio to the best of my ability using state of the art restoration technology. You are also free to copy and distribute the material to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.


In this 1987 sermon Dr. Robert C. Douglas of the Zwemer Institute shares with Calvary Memorial Church how to reach Muslims.  At the time, Muslim evangelism was a novel idea.  Had the Church taken his advice by investing our resources into reaching Muslims with the Gospel perhaps our world would be a much different place.

Speaker: Dr. Robert C. Douglas, Zwemer Institute

Date of Original: 13 March 1987

Location: Calvary Memorial Church, Oak Park, IL

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Sermon highlights:

  • Muslims are a forgotten people, especially by the Christians
  • Muslims claim kinship to Abraham’s forgotten son, Ishmael
  • Bedouin tribes trace their lineage to the twelve tribes of Ishmael
  • The Muslim world is impinging upon our world politically, culturally, economically, and spiritually
  • God is saying, “Look, Church, you’ve ignored the Muslims long enough,  Now I’m going to confront you with them.”
  • God’s task for the Church is to reach Muslim people, and it is the Church’s greatest challenge
  • Communism and Secular Humanism is wimpish compared to the task of evangelizing 1 billion Muslims
  • Muslims are everywhere on God’s earth
  • Muslims are just as scared of terrorists and violence as we are
  • Muslims are people, like we are
  • The day is coming when the people of Mecca will sing praises to Jesus
  • The Christians need not fear Islam because God is not through with Muslims.  Many will come into the Kingdom of Christ


For further reading:

In my opinion, the finest book ever written in regard to Muslim evangelism is Balance of Truth by C.G. Pfander.  The book is banned in Muslim countries.  You can read it on line for free.  Click here.

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