Alexander Hardie was a relatively unknown churchman in the early 20th century.  In 1924, the eve of the Scopes Trial, he wrote Evolution: Is it Philosophical, Scientific or Scriptural? Buried within the concluding remarks he wrote this outstanding poem which I am preserving here for the benefit of others.

Rev. Alexander Hardie, A.M.

Methodist Episcopal Church

of the

Southern California Conference




Come, Thou mighty God of love,

Dwelling ‘mid the stars above.

Absolute, eternal Power,

Blessed goodness is Thy dower.


Let the light of morn appear,

Showing Holy Spirit’s near,

Brooding o’er the vasty deep,

Where old chaos tempests sweep.


Now is God creating worlds,

Planets into space He hurls.

Uncreated Lord Supreme,

King of Kings is seraphs‘ theme.


Great Arcturus lighting sky,

Greater Sirius reigning high,

Circling Milky Way so vast—

These are works of ages past.


Realms all are God’s domain,

Peopled spheres aloud proclaim,

Men and angels His delight,

Suns created by His might.


Oh! Thou glorious Prince of Peace,

Let Thy joys on earth increase.

Thee, the spacious heavens adore;

We, Thy mercy would implore.


God created all from naught.

Christ our souls from sin hath bought.

Blessed Spirit, sanctify—

Three in One, the Lord most high.


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