Dr. Paul Wilson Brand

In the mid 2000s I served as Director of Media Operations for The Moody Church in Chicago.  One day we were cleaning out the storeroom and I found a box of cassette tapes.  After perusing the sermon titles and dates I quickly realized that I had discovered a treasure trove of teaching from famous preachers of the past. 

In an attempt to preserve these works for the benefit of future generations, I am making these classics available on the internet at no charge.  I have repaired the audio to the best of my ability using state of the art restoration technology. In this edition I am unable to repair the audio adequately, but I did the best I could.

You are also free to copy and distribute the material to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Speaker:  Dr. Paul Wilson Brand (July 17, 1914 – July 8, 2003)

Date of Original: 02 June 1981

Location: Unknown

Dr. Paul Brand was an extraordinary, gifted orthopedic surgeon who straightened crooked hands and unraveled the riddle of leprosy.


Click on the PLAY icon (below):


Sermon highlights:

  • Without Jesus we can do nothing
  • The purpose of sending missionaries is so they can bear fruit
  • The totality of our life is the fruit we bear
  • We should live our lives serving God with the gifts He has given us
  • In America we like to get things done.  America is the only country I know where “aggressive” is a good word
  • The hardest thing in the mission field is working together
  • Missionaries are compulsive people. We feel strongly about things
  • Spiritual gifts are sometimes dangerous when used improperly.  But fruits of the Spirit are never dangerous (love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance)
  • Are some fruits of the Spirit superior to others?
  • It is vital that missionaries communicate with each other. There is always trouble when there is silence in the mission field
  • Fruit-bearing missionaries use the resources available to them
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) is actually good for environment (encourages plant growth)
  • Dr. Brand was an early advocate of the Green Revolution.  He encouraged the use of organic fertilizer

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