This series is no longer offered by In Touch Ministries. In an attempt to preserve these works for the benefit of future generations, I am making this classic available on the internet. 


When the truth of God’s Word no longer permeates society, moral confusion is inevitable. In this video series, A Nation in Deception, Dr. Charles Stanley presents an urgent warning to our nation to again receive scriptural standards of truth or suffer the devastating consequences of rebellion against God.


Speaker:  Dr. Charles Stanley

Date of Original: 1984

Location:  First Baptist Church Atlanta



To watch more sermons from Dr. Stanley, click here


UPDATE: Notable and quotable Victor Davis Hanson writing at PJ Media 22 July 2012 on the Aurora killer:

As of now we know little about what conditions drove, or proved useful to, the Aurora suspect to murder and maim. … So far we have heard that guns did it; or that there were unfortunately not any good gunmen in the theater to stop him; or that the mentally ill are not closely enough watched, medicated, or hospitalized; or that we live in a “sick” culture; and on and on….

For months to come after his trial there will be a “new” revelation in the case—an interview, a testimonial from a former friend, a novel twist about the evidence. The net effect is that we will know more about the killer and his crime, and each day ever less about his victims …

Tonight, I wish to know nothing about him other than the information necessary to try, convict, and punish him—and any data that might provide some sort of deterrence in preventing another such rampage….

I don’t care a whit whether the Aurora killer was a loner. I don’t care if he was unhappy or if he was on medication. Mil­lions share such pathologies without kill­ing a mouse. I don’t even know whether giving him swift justice will deter the next mass shooter. Yes, give the suspect expert legal counsel; call in all the psy­chiatrists imaginable; sequester the jury; ensure the judge is a pillar of jurispru­dence; but if he is found guilty, I would prefer the gallows and quickly so, to re­mind us that we live in a civilization that prefers to remember the victims and to remember nothing at all of their killer.


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