Dr. Gerster affirms the Two Swords theory of government. The sermon was delivered on the eve of Ronald Reagan’s historic 1980 election. The Moral Majority was founded only the year before.

The original recording is cassette tape and was poorly engineered. I have attempted to restored the quality to the best of my ability.

In an attempt to preserve these works for the benefit of future generations, I am making this classic available on the internet. 


John H. Gerstner
(November 22, 1914 – March 24, 1996)

Speaker:  Dr. John H. Gerstner

Date of Original: September 1980

Location:  Unknown



Highlights (timings may not be precise):

  • Should the City of God impose the law of Jesus Christ on an unwilling world through politics? (05:07). Yes, if we could – but the decision would have to be voluntary (06:20)
  • The Two Swords concept: Rome is right when it says the church should be above the state (11:35)
  • The church should tell the state what its duty is (14:05)
  • The Christian religion does not give the Church permission to exterminate a person because he does not believe in Jesus Christ (16:15)
  • Homosexuality should not be tolerated in a church-state (17:50)
  • The Church should declare America’s national sins and affirm that Jesus Christ has authority in heaven and earth (26:50)
  • Christians should warn American citizens of their fatal decision to reject the Lordship of Christ (28:05)
  • What good citizenship would mean is a Christian living in an erroneous type of church-state relationship such as we have here in America should be that we live as exemplary Christians without ever approving of the polity in which we operate (34:28)
  • What about the mobilization of the Moral Majority? (34:55)
  • Forcing prayer in public schools is unsound (37:15)
  • The vast majority of scientists who teach evolution admit that their view is a matter of faith (45:50)
  • There are degrees of punishment in hell
  • Abortion is the greatest crime America has ever sanctioned (49:40)
  • … but voting for Reagan [in the upcoming election] instead of Carter over the issue of abortion is an oversimplification (50:24)


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