Theme and Prelude: The Ages (Part 1 of 8)


Edmond de Luca’s brilliant musical portrayal of the men who shaped history is the most unique descriptive work of the twentieth century. Scored in a staggering sound dimension, it has a rare musical taste in concept and an excitement that leaves the listener emotionally exhausted. Two full pages inside the album outline each part of the work with chronological notes detailing the music and relating it to the events signified by the score.


The Vanquished in chains

Since the dawn of history man has recorded his past on a calendar stained with blood and conquest. This is not to say all men are equally evil; it is fact that through the ages man has exer­cised his basest desires under the guise of a so-called righteous cause. In this work are the musical biographies of men who shaped history by their strength, audacity and the forces of evil.

The opening measures of the theme portray the vanquished in chains as they pass through history in the repeated struggle to rise above tyranny. In the closing part the pattern of liberation is depicted as the chains are torn off and all humanity looks to a world of freedom and human dignity.


Listen :


Composer: Edmond De Luca

London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Reinhard Linz

About Edmond De Luca:

Edmond De Luca

Edmond de Luca was born in Philadelphia, February 7, 1909. His musical education included study with William F. Happich in theory and composition. He studied piano with Martin Lisan, Alberto Jonás and Leo Ornstein.

In 1936 he was awarded first prize in a nation-wide contest spon­sored by the Philadelphia Orchestra. The following year he received a four-year composition fellowship from the Juilliard Graduate School of Music in New York.

In 1947, his Symphony No. 1 won one of the top awards in a West­ern Hemisphere contest sponsored by Henry H. Reichhold, Presi­dent of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Mr. De Luca has arranged music for the following artists: Helen Traubel, William Primrose, Lucy Monroe, Robert Merrill and the Philadelphia Pops Orchestra. Among his compositions are: two symphonies, three string quartets, three piano sonatas, three violin sonatas, the usual genre pieces, and “Safari.”


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