Adolf Hitler 1889 – 1945 A.D. (Part 8 of 8)


It is impossible for anyone civilized human being to have a complete concept of the man Adolf Hitler. He wrote the darkest pages in human history. His madness, aided by mod­ern technology, enabled him to reduce mass human dignity to animalism.


The most depraved tyrant the world has ever known

This sound picture of a monster, fresh in our memories, opens as a funny little architectural draftsman from Austria forms the Nazi party in 1920 in Munich beer halls, as depicted in a familiar Bavarian melody. A crescendo (from Beethoven’s 5th) announces the “Beer Hall Putsch” in November 1923, for which he is sentenced to five years in prison at Landsberg. The cellos and the basses portray his brooding while he dictates “Mein Kampf” to Rudolph Hess. Hitler is released after nine months and is later swept into power (1933) on a rising tide of German nationalism. After the death of Hindenberg in 1934, Hitler’s dictatorial power increases. Enacting a violent anti-semitic policy and murdering all who oppose him in Germany, he embarks on the most insidious indoctrination program of hate ever known. We hear the snare drums in “goose-step” tempo as Hitler prepares his people for war. The first “sieg heils” are chanted as “Führer” fanatically screams—”today Germany, tomor­row the world.” “Deutchland Uber Alles” is played and signifies the period of economic recovery in Germany and the building of a new war machine. The German anthem is then repeated as Hitler’s storm troopers occupy Austria (March 1938). As the drum cadences continue, we hear the Czechoslovakian anthem played as the Wehrmacht occupies the entire country in March of 1939.

 The invincible German army crushes Poland by September I, 1939, as we hear the Polish anthem, followed by “God Save the King” to signify England declaring war on Germany on September 3, 1939. The world is to know the horror of total war as the “Battle for Britain” begins. The high strings depict the anguish of the Jews and all peoples on the continent. The air raid sirens portray the merciless bombing of civilians as the horror of the Luftwaffe rains bombs on the British Isles. The “master race” conquered Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium in 1940. The strains of the “Marseillaise” portray the fall of France this same year. Followed by the invasion of Greece and Russia in 1941, we hear snatches from the 1812 Overture which precede crescendos that depict the German armies smashing their way across Russia. “God Save the King” precedes the “Star Spangled Banner” noting the United States’ entry into the war December 8, 1941. A long crescendo and a cymbal crash signify “D Day” on June 6, 1944. A march theme played by the brass follows as the Allies push across Europe to Berlin.

 “V. E. Day” (May 8, 1945), reveals the appalling tally of Adolf Hitler’s insane world. Over 30 million dead and the face of the earth changed forever. The most depraved tyrant the world has ever known died in a bunker in Berlin, April 30, 1945.


Listen :


Composer: Edmond De Luca

London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Reinhard Linz


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