Which god?
For there are many …

An eight minute lecture by Dr. John Gerstner (c. 1990).




  • Previously all parts of the United States had established the Christian religion as the basis for law
  • It is wicked to imprint “In God We Trust” on our money because the only way a man can authentically trust in God is through Jesus Christ, and this America does not do. Trusting in a generic “god” does not mean we trust in the One True God
  • We should promote as much Christian legislation as possible
  • We should not give the unregenerate false assurance that they will go to heaven because they “follow” biblical laws. The only way a man goes to heaven is through accepting the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ as the means of payment for his sin debt. Because they merely recognize the benefits of living under biblical law does not save them from their sins. The unregenerate may wish to follow biblical law only because they are wise enough to know they will prosper from it – but this “common sense” does not save them from their sins.  Their motivation in following the Creator’s law is thus impure and driven by personal gain, not the love of God


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