Talk show host Mark Levin interviews John Lott regarding proposed legislation to disarm America’s citizens.





  • Pro-gun and anti-gun advocates are motivated by the same thing: we want to save lives
  • Disarming America will increase murder and violence, having the opposite effect anti-gun activists propose
  • Time after time we see that attacks upon citizens occur wherever guns have been banned
  • The Aurora killer attacked the only movie theater that banned guns; there were seven theaters within 20-minute driving distance, but the killer chose the one which posted “No Guns Allowed.”
  • Would you feel safer posting a sign in front of your house declaring it was a gun-free zones?  Would this sign deter criminals from entering your home?
  • If you want to stop these horrific crimes, the press needs to stop giving the murderers so much media attention
  • We should learn from Israel who arms its citizens
  • You can’t find a country in the world which has imposed gun bans and seen murder rates fall
  • We have banned drugs, yet criminals can still bring illegal narcotics into the country at an increased rate
  • If you disarm law-abiding citizens you get the perverse result of only criminals possessing weapons; consequently murders and gun violence increases
  • Europe has the same rate of multi-victim shooting attacks as does the United States, yet they have some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the world
  • To eliminate multi-victim murders we need to eliminate the publicity the criminals receive


For more information:

Mark Levin’s Website

John Lott’s Website

Order More Guns. Less Crime from Amazon

National Rifle Association’s website


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