Arizonans and Texans have a saying “all hat, no cattle.” The expression was originally used in reference to people imitating the fashion or style of cowboys. These people wore the hats, but had no experience on the ranch. Global Warming environmentalists are all lab coat and no plow.


We’re going to save the earth!

The well-to-do urbane, but well-meaning, environmentalists are misled and they are misleading their friends. Whether it’s prophesying apocalyptic doom or protesting irrigation at their neighborhood golf course they stir unrest wherever they go. Playing the righteous rebel who rages against society is what they live for. They ought to spend their time toward useful, more productive purposes by working the land instead.

Access to the internet has created an illusion they are learned outdoorpersons. The young-and-restless have convinced themselves that they are bona fide authorities in wildlife, agriculture, and weather. They are hopelessly lost. Insisting they are expert naturalists, in reality they are mere city-dwellers, inhabitants of concrete prisons, who live as friends of the green earth vicariously through their iPads. Counterfeit conservationists is what they truly are.

They donate to zoos or the Sierra Club; in return they are sent window and bumper stickers, which serve as credentials. These stickers are displayed next to the one that says “COEXIST.” You may have noticed that the COEXIST bumper sticker display religions such as Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. By coincidence, societies which have made these religions their national faith are the biggest polluters on the planet. Newsletters from these outlets imply they are informed and cool.  On occasion they go camping in luxurious tents or attend lectures by animal welfare speakers. Others subscribe to Mother Earth News where they learn to grow tomatoes in buckets on their patio deck.

been farmin longThe word “sustainable” is bandied about in their espresso bars and parties, along with other proper terms such as social justice, human rights, equality, and freedom. Designer shovels and rakes are purchased from specialty hydroponic stores, and their garden attire is the latest fashion – their work gloves are carefully coordinated to complement their $50 tee shirt and checkered trousers. They reward themselves with microbrews after a long, hot day. They recycle. They attend conferences. It says “all-natural” on the box, but is mass produced in factories; they would all die of starvation without processed foods manufactured by the capitalist they claim to hate. All would have voted for Al Gore, noted environmentalist and zinc miner, had they been of age. As a whole young-and-restless environmentalists are actually clueless when it comes to understanding the raw, durable majestic power of the earth.

What would you expect from the young-and-restless do-gooders?  They yearn to make history. They want to be “Liked” by their Facebook friends. Significance is found by supporting various “causes.”  They think of themselves as good people who do good things. What’s more, they save baby animals – just not the human kind.


Angry white boys, now expert outdoorsmen

The young-and-restless environmentalists learn about the planet from college professors.  Yes, professors they are.  They profess to be wise but are fools. They study charts, peer-reviews, and graphs; in turn the professors learn these theories while conjecturing in the faculty lounge. The faculty lounge senior professors learn what they know from people who have traveled here and there acting out multi-million dollar research projects.  I heard they make a lot of money from government grants. It’s science, they say.  It is science studied from afar and, at once, it’s science studied close by.  They are speculators posing as men of science.

The young-and-restless will never rest until the climate stops changing.

But what if they get their wish? The climate has never, ever, once, stayed the same. To do so now would probably be the most horrendous sign of upcoming cataclysm that there ever was. We want the climate to change!

You can’t kill this grass

Consider this patch of ground in my front driveway.  I moved to this property in 2005.  The folk who owned the place before I arrived would change the car oil and dump the waste on the spot pictured. Neighbors informed me they had been doing this for years. By 2007 this oil spot had cured itself and had grown lush deer grass five feet tall! I’ve been trying with all my might to kill it off, but without success. The grass is more powerful than humans. Initially I was thrilled to see the grass grow back.  It attracted birds and rabbits.  But the neighbor insisted it was an eyesore so I made several attempts of killing it off by an occasional dousing of RoundUp. The grass kept growing back year after year.

Mother Earth News, The Original Guide To Living Wisely, ran an article in its December-January 2012 issue on how to make your own cleaning products. Its aim was to eliminate “chemical-laden cleaning products,” i.e. bleach.  Mother Earth News’s shopping list includes baking soda, borax, hydrogen peroxide, washing soda, and vinegar – as if some of these things weren’t chemicals themselves. The article discourages the use of antibacterial products, as these promote the proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  What’s being admitted here is that living organisms can adapt and overcome the threat of  harsh killing agents, even bleach. It has not occurred to Mother Earth News that bacteria can also adapt to chemicals and minerals they are promoting in their article.

Computer models are the primary means in which the Men In White predict the future.  But computer models can be unreliable.  For example, last week the weatherman admitted these computer models are not always trustworthy. In the forecast below a Phoenix meteorologist conceded computer models were unable to accurately predict the weather over the next few hours.  Yet when it comes to predicting global warming temperatures over the next twenty years they assure us the data is absolutely infallible.






*al gore zinc miner2

Al Gore has made millions selling convenient untruths. In the photo above we see that Al Gore has been strip mining his Tennessee property for years.  And he is the spokesperson for the environmental activists?  Mr. Gore appears unwilling to live by the standards he sets out for others. What does the Left have to say about this duplicity?

Spend some time with me, dear liberals, and I will show you how to be a true conservationist!


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