Romans 8:7God loves the sinner but hates the sin is a nonsense statement. There is nothing to hate apart from the sinner.

95% of the people who use this statement do so thoughtlessly. There remains 5% who know very well that the statement is irrational, and this 5% will use it as a vehicle to promote a profound error –  knowing it will propagate through the masses and be misunderstood.


I am posting this audio clip to preserve the teaching of John H. Gerstner. Dr. Gerstner was the teacher and mentor of outstanding theologians such as Drs. Carl W. Bogue and R.C. Sproul.  My apologies for the poor audio quality; the recording was originally made on audio cassette in 1987.  I have restored it to the best of my ability using Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 technology.

Press the play button below to listen to the 2.5 minute clip:




Men Naturally Are God’s Enemies by Jonathan Edwards


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