“Homophobia: is a misleading term.  Christians are not homophobic.  We believe the Bible’s teaching that homosexuality is an immoral practice, forbidden by God, which if someone does not repent from will not be accepted by God.  That does romans 1_26 and 27not make us afraid of homosexuals.  We want them to be saved and we want to see them in heaven, and that is why we try to warn them that they are engaging in a practice unpleasing to God.

I am posting this audio clip to preserve the teaching of John H. Gerstner. Dr. Gerstner was the teacher and mentor of outstanding theologians such as Drs. Carl W. Bogue and R.C. Sproul.  My apologies for the poor audio quality; the recording was originally made on audio cassette in 1987.  I have restored it to the best of my ability using Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 technology.

Press the play button below to listen to the 1.75 minute clip:


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