*Excerpted from here’s how by who’s who, a compilation of messages from successful men.  The following article was written by A.G. Heinsohn, Jr. in 1965.

The twelve-year-olds of today are captive front-row spectators in the showdown struggle now taking place in America between the Christian concept of individual freedom and the godless slavery of international communism.

A. G. Heinsohn, Jr. President Cherokee Textile Mill

A. G. Heinsohn, Jr.
Cherokee Textile Mill

Fifty years ago, neither the twelve-year-olds, nor their parents, worried about losing their freedom because the Constitution, which guaranteed freedom, was held in respect by the people, the courts and the politicians.

For many years, while purporting to resist the spread of communism abroad, the Executive, the Congress and the Supreme Court have led America, step by step, into bureaucratic enslavement and bankruptcy.

This follows the communist formula in words attributed to Khrushchev and printed in the Congressional Record:

“We cannot expect the Americans to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of Socialism, until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.”

While we have slept in America, assuming that freedom inherited is freedom everlasting, our elected officials have removed the constitutional limitations of power that they swore to uphold.

Whether your parents have the desire and the character to force the politicians in charge of the government in Washington to repeal the socialistic laws that violate the Constitution, abolish freedom and play into the hands of the communists is uncertain.

But, this much is certain. Freedom did not come to America on a silver platter. Our ancestors, praying for divine guidance, shed their blood to win it.

It seems unlikely that freedom can be recaptured, or that the communist take-over can be avoided without a penitent return to trust in God—without the repeal of the socialistic laws that have betrayed us.

May God give the parents of today the wisdom to see through the false propaganda that extols the government in Washington, that glorifies chief executives and belittles the decent, trusting people back home—the people who are the backbone of the nation.

May God give your parents the strength to win this battle, so that you may enjoy the freedom that they inherited.

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