During the period of 3-4 February 1991 Dr. Greg Bahnsen delivered a series of messages on the Christian view of war at Dr. Carl Bogue’s church in Akron, Ohio.  The following is an excerpt describing the Christian position known as The Just War.

To listen to this message in its entirety click here.


Highlights of this excerpt:

Definition: a  Just War is a defensive military conflict employed to protect the citizens and property of the magistrate.

1) A Just War’s cause and intent must be just.  It must be used to protect the innocents.  Its goal is to save lives, preserving law and order.

2) Before there can be a Just War there must exist a right to intervene with violence.  There must be an official and explicit declaration of war.

3) The Just War must be an act of last resort.  All other options to avoid war must be exercised.

4) The Just War must have the possibility of success.

5) The cost incurred in a Just War must not be a greater evil than that which is to be remedied.

6) The means employed in a Just War must be discriminate and proportionate.


The original audio was poorly recorded on substandard equipment. There were numerous irreparable problems with the original recording. I have done my best to improve and restore it using Sony Sound Forge software, but was unable to achieve the desired result.

My deepest apology if you have difficulty understanding the message.


Listen to the 11 minute excerpt:



WAR: Four Christian Views





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