Excerpted from WE TRAVEL AN APPOINTED WAY. It is a collection editorials by A.W. Tozer. They were composed for ALLIANCE LIFE, official magazine of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, during Tozer’s 14-year tenure as its editor.

Tozer’s readers, new and old, can find spiritual nourishment in these eloquent distillations of Reformation faith.

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To the child of God, there is no such thing as accident. He travels an appointed way. The path he treads was chosen for him when as yet he was not, when as yet he had existence only in the mind of God.

Psalm 139-16_3Accidents may indeed appear to befall him and misfortune stalk his way; but these evils will be so in appearance only and will seem evils only be­cause we cannot read the secret script of God’s hid­den providence and so cannot discover the ends at which He aims.


When true faith enters, chance and mischance go out for good. They have no jurisdiction over them that are born of the Spirit, for such as these are sons of the new creation and special charges of the Most High God.


While sojourning here below, these children of the eternal covenant may pay token tribute to na­ture; sickness, old age and death may levy upon them, and to the undiscerning eye, they may seem to be as other men. Here, as in all its other judg­ments upon Christianity, the world is completely fooled by appearances, for it cannot see that these believing ones are “hid with Christ in God.”


The man of true faith may live in the absolute assurance that his steps are ordered by the Lord.” For him, misfortune is outside the bounds of possi­bility. He cannot be torn from this earth one hour ahead of the time which God has appointed, and he cannot be detained on earth one moment after God is done with him here. He is not a waif of the wide world, a foundling of time and space, but a saint of the Lord and the darling of His particular care.


All this is not mere dreaming, not a comforting creed woven as a garment to warm the shivering hearts of lonely, frightened souls in a dark and un­friendly world. Rather it is of the essence of truth, a fair summation of the teaching of the Bible on the subject and should be received reverently and joy­ously along with everything else which is taught in the Scriptures of truth.


Here then I doubt no more.

But in His pleasure rest,

Whose wisdom, love and truth, and power

Engage to make me blest.




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