Excerpted from the documentary, AGENDA2 Masters of Deceit, by Curtis Bowers:



Excerpted from the 2003 #1 New York Times Bestseller, The Savage Nation, by Michael Savage:


 There is a way to prevent terrorism. It involves two components: racial profiling and closing our borders to all immigrants from terrorist-sponsoring nations.

A day in October, 2002, will go down as one of the bleakest days in recent memory for me. I watched in stunned amazement as a mem­ber of the administration, his tone nonchalant, pronounced, “The prospects of a future attack against the United States are almost cer­tain. I’d like to be able to say it’s never going to happen again, but I don’t believe anybody who has looked at it can say that. We don’t know if it’s going to be tomorrow, next week, or next year.”


As I listened to him, I wanted to scream—or break something.


The government’s job is to protect the people.

Now they’re telling us they cannot protect the people.


We can expect to be killed any day. And we can’t do anything about it. What should I do, sit here and say that he’s right? Am I the only one who hears the doublespeak?


We don’t have bunkers to run to. We don’t have air-raid sirens to warn us of an enemy attack. We don’t have airplanes to whisk us away in the event of an emergency. But, according to our leaders, we’re supposed to get back to business as usual . . . just remember, a terrorist attack could happen any day, anywhere, anytime . . . but get back to normal.


Let me decode the doublespeak.


Our leaders tell us, “You know what, you little sheeple? Just keep popping your Prozac. Keep working and paying your taxes. If you get killed or come home in a body bag from the mall, no prob­lem. We’ll just replace you with another mote in the mire. We’ve got plenty of ciphers to keep working, to keep plugging money into the system.”


How are we Americans supposed to wake up every day, leave our families, go to work, come home, and repeat the drill day after day while our government makes bureaucratic statements with no connection to reality? I refuse to walk around with a bull’s-eye painted on my forehead.


Do you understand the implications of these empty suits? Why is America waiting around for the terrorists to hurt us? What kind of schmuck government says, “Expect it,” but there’s little we can do to stop it?


The government says it can’t protect us. What can they do? Tax us? Charge us with a hate crime?


I’ll tell you something. There is a way to prevent terrorism. It involves two components: racial profiling and closing our borders to all immigrants from terrorist-sponsoring nations. Do you get the picture? How obvious is that? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who’s behind these potential future terrorist attacks. Or, do I need to spell it out for those of you on government-subsidized marijuana?


Let’s start by ruling out who it might and might not be.


Just go down the list.


You wouldn’t expect a terrorist to be a white, Irish nun, would you? How about an elderly man from England? Or, a Canadian fig­ure skater? Make your list. Guess who’ll be at the top?


Middle Eastern men. Yes, men of Arab ancestry.


Why should we “discriminate” against them? Because nineteen out of nineteen of the terrorists—those scum who cut the throats of our women, who smashed planes into buildings killing thousands of us—were Middle Eastern males. Memo to the CIA: That’s a clue. That detail is a fairly strong indication of where we might focus our efforts to prevent another bloodbath.


That’s how racial profiling works.


But the left has diluted our war against terrorism by twisting it until it now resembles the diversity of a McDonald’s commercial. The left has created an atmosphere where politicians are afraid of the pinkos at the New York Times and the Washington Post. They’re afraid of being accused of intolerance and then losing twelve voters.


We know where the people are. But we won’t go get them.


The radicals on the left will put us in jail for the sin of racial pro­filing faster than they would a potential bomber. That’s how garbled our thinking has become.


The country is finished when the “top” leaders say we’re gonna get blown up, somewhere, somehow—maybe in an apartment building—but that there’s no way to stop it. They release a general warning to apartment managers, but they don’t tell you who to look for.


Uh, Mr. Liberal, it would be helpful to know if there is a particu­lar ethnicity we should be looking for in this apartment building threat. They won’t tell us. They’re just giving us another “warning” to cover their behinds.


Take the nutcases in the media. These journalists seem more preoccupied with their pancake makeup than the fact terrorists plan to level entire cities. Their off-the-cuff commentaries on fighting ter­rorists sound like this:


If you see a nun in her eighties, with blonde hair and blue eyes, be sure to report her. She could be harboring a molesting priest. However, if you see a suspicious person of Middle Eastern decent, and you were to report him, you are liable to be guilty of a hate crime. You are liable to be investigated by the IRS, INS, CBS, ABC, NBC, FBI, CIA, or one of the other alphabet groups because you may have committed a race crime.


It’s time to take the powers of government and turn them against the people who want to harm us. It’s time we took the gloves off and went after them where they’re hiding.


Do I have to spell it out for you? Fine. I’ll do it for free. You don’t even need to hire a consultant. Here’s how we defend ourselves. Case in point. Recently, fifty men, all of Middle Eastern descent—none were blonde nuns from Ireland—snuck into the country on a ship. Where do you think a Middle Eastern terrorist waiting to strike would go to hide?


I’ll give you four choices.

  1. He’d hide among white Irish nuns.
  2. He’d hide among albino mental cases.
  3. He’d hide among orthodox Jews.
  4. He’d hide in another unnamed community.


How about “d”?


Would that be good police work? Can we agree on that? Fine. Then you send out the FBI and the police and you knock on every door. Do you have any visitors? Did anyone bring any strange packages? Who’s in the back room? We don’t care, we’re coming in. Shake them down. Toss the pillows around. You’ll find something or someone hiding in one of the closets. They’re swimming like fish in the ethnic communities where they blend in.


How come I know this and the “intelligence community” hasn’t figured it out? Or, if they’ve figured it out, why aren’t they acting on it? What are they afraid of?


When the next Red Diaper Doper Baby stands up and protests, I say throw him in a dark cell until this is over. You liberals should drop dead for what you’ve done to my country. You should get a stroke for what you’ve done to our ability to defend ourselves—you rotten, stinking RDDB lawyers who have raped our country. Traitors, all of you!


You have tied the hands of the people in this country who want to live because you are death worshipers, you liberals. Drugs, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll.


Then there are the handful of callers to my nationally syndicated radio program who tell me all this terrorism against America would be stopped if America just backed away from Israel. They say, let the Jews be exterminated. Then what? Do you think we’ll have happy little Arabs dancing around, thrilled that Israel is gone? You think then they’ll leave America alone? That’s the position of ignorant big­ots who only know what to think by reading their Nazi brochure that arrived over the weekend.


Abandoning Israel is another wicked lie promoted by the left. Does Israel’s existence explain the Muslim war against India, Indonesia, or the Philippines?


To stop terrorism, I’d suggest the FBI go to the worst gangs in America and find the baddest blacks, whites, Hispanics, and Asians and then bring them into the inner sanctum, into the president’s cab­inet. I’d say, “Look, boys, here’s our situation. We’re at war with these terrorists. Tell us, how would you stop it?” I guarantee you they’d solve it much faster than these frat boys in Washington.

My suggestion isn’t a new idea. It’s been done before, during World War II. The government of elitists knew there was a problem on the waterfronts of America. They knew the Germans had Gestapo spies all over the East and the West Coasts. They also knew who controlled the waterfront—the Mafia.


Back then, they went to Lucky Lucciano and cut a deal with the Mafia. The Mafia made sure the Nazis didn’t function on the water­front. Period. End of story. If a spy was found, he’d get a meat hook in the back and end up swimming with the fishes.

Call it Long Shore Justice.


That was the end of 99 percent of the Nazis on the waterfront.


It’s been done before. It must be done again, or we’re all cooked. Today, our leaders hire smart idiots from Harvard and Yale to ana­lyze the situation. I say it’s time to stop with the frat-boy talk.


There. I gave you the brass tacks.


Solution One: Go to the baddest Americans and bring them to the seats of power and ask them what to do. Gangsters love capital­ism. They hate socialism; they hate terrorism. Why? It’s bad for their business.


Solution Two: We’ve got nuclear subs. These subs are loaded to the hatches with nuclear warheads that can be targeted to within a centimeter of Saddam’s mustache. The president should tell that terrorist, “So much as one hair of one child gets singed, there will be no Baghdad. One American child is worth more than your entire rotten, stinking city. You let one kid die, Saddam, and Baghdad is toast.”


You think that’s a little harsh, think Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Back then, much better men realized it’s us vs. them. They declared war on America. President Truman didn’t want to sacrifice five hun­dred thousand or a million more American boys.


Here comes the bomb.

Here comes the judge.

That was the end of World War II.


But today, we’re being told, “No, you expect to die.”


And when more Americans die, the politicians will line up to get on with Larry Seltzer, who, leaning forward in his chair with his sus­penders, will ask, “So, can you predict the next terrorist attack?”


Joe Politician will say, “Well, Larry, if you remember back on blah, blah, blah, I warned America there most certainly would be future attacks.”


“Yes, that was very good. How about today? Can you give us any advance warning now?”


“Yes, Larry. We can expect another attack. We don’t know where. We don’t know when. Um, and there’s nothing we can do about it. But, Larry, if the terrorists tell us where and when, we’ll certainly take that under consideration.”


What does this have to do with immigration?


As I’ve said, a country is defined by her borders, language, and culture. Take our borders. Each time we admit someone from a coun­try identified as a beehive of terrorism, we flirt with disaster. The president should issue an executive order that slams shut our borders to all immigration petitions, all student visas, and all tourism requests from Iraq, Iran, the Sudan, and any Krapistan that is on our list of terrorist nations.


How many body bags will it take before our leaders take decisive action and do the obvious?


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