Plans for man prove Intelligent Design. All nature is crowded with evidence that God intended to create man. He made great preparation for his coming. He provided many things useful to man but to no other species. Veins of coal, almost innumerable—the canned sunshine of past ages— are placed near the earth’s surface, accessible for man, when needed for his use. Of no value whatever to any other species, because they cannot make or replenish a fire. A preacher did not miss the mark when he said, “God stored his coal in his great big cellar for the use of man.” The man who fills his own cellar with provisions for the winter exhibits no more foresight or design.

The oil and gas were also evidently stored away in the earth for the use of man. It is worth nothing to animals. Over 4 billion barrels of oil were consumed in the U. S. in 2010¹.

All the other minerals likewise were stored in the earth for the use of man alone,—iron, copper, gold, silver, all the valuable minerals—knowing that man would make use of them. The most precious and most useful minerals are of no value whatever to any species of animals. God foresaw the marvelous inventions of the present and the future, and provided the means ages ahead of time. The universe is crowded so full of design, that there is no room for chance or natural selection.

¹ Updated for this article


Excerpted from the book The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved by Rev. William A. Williams, 1928.  Important note: This William A. Williams is not the William Applebee Williams (historian). It is erroneously reported on several websites that they are one in the same.


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