Excerpted from The Evidence of God in an Expanding Universe, edited by John Clover Monsma. New York: G.P. Putman’s Sons, 1958



By Andrew Conway Ivy, Ph.D., M.D., D.Sc, LL.D., F.A.C.P.

Dr. Ivy is a scientist of world-wide renown. He was appointed by the American Medical Association as its representative at the 1946 Nuremberg Medical Trial for Nazi doctors and is the recipient of decorations from many American and foreign scientific institutions. From 1923 to 1946 he was Head of the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Northwestern University Medical School; from 1946 to 1953 he was Vice President of the University of Illinois. Presently he is Distinguished Professor of Physi­ology and Head of the Department of Clinical Science, U. of III. College of Medicine, Chicago. Among the positions he has filled in the past are: Scientific Director, Naval Medical Research Institute; Commander, Aviation Medical Naval Re­serve Corps; Consultant to U.S. Secretary of War; President, American Gastro-Enterological Association; and President, American Physiological Society. Dr. Ivy has written more than a thousand (1,320) scientific articles, and is one of the world’s outstanding specialists in cancer and functions and ailments of the gastrointestinal tract.


I shall not refer to deistic humanism, pantheism, and other philosophies because I am convinced that Lenin was correct, at least insofar as contemporary history is concerned, when he concluded in effect: The future will be either 1) The Absolute of Matter, which is Atheistic Materialism or Atheistic Communism; or 2)The Absolute of Metaphysical Reason, which is a Theistic God whose fullest revelation was in the person of Jesus Christ ¹.

Today, whether we like it or not, most of the material power in the world is divided into the two foregoing camps. The Theistic camp is presumed to possess, in addition, moral and spiritual power. The Atheistic camp of Marx and Lenin has the destruction of “Capitalism” and Theism as its end, denies the existence of God and unchangeable principles, has expediency as its only ethic, and considers good any type of treachery or brutality which adds to the achievement of its end. After “Capitalism” is dead and the people have forgotten all moral and religious ideas based on a belief in God, a new morality would be established. It would be a “class or State morality”; not a morality based on individual morality.

The inconsistency in the Marxian-Leninist philosophy is that since there are no unchangeable principles, the expedi­ency of the day would be subject to change. This means that conflict between the “governing elite class” and the “wish-to-be-a-governing-elite-class” would repeatedly occur. And because of the lack of basic moral inhibitions treachery and brutal conflict would prevail. The only other possible but less likely alternative to Marxism-Leninism is a system like that of social insects, a dictatorship, which is contrary to the basic nature of man. Man is more than matter, more than an insect, more than a mob led by a dictator.

The only place where a form of communism has ever worked satisfactorily, but not perfectly, is in a convent or monastery. But these successful communistic groups were not built by the use of concentration camps, treachery, and torture. They were built by revolutions which occur in the souls of men. They are operated on the basis of a belief in the natural moral law of God.

The battle now being waged is to the death of one or the other camp. In the first three centuries of the Christian era eleven million persons were put to death because they pre­ferred to die for Christianity rather than to live for paganistic materialism. From 1939 to 1945 at least fifteen million people died in concentration camps because they would not live for paganistic Nazi State Socialism. In the defense of the rights of the human person and the defense of freedom we of today must be prepared to give our lives.

Since 1933 we have witnessed the effect of atheistic or paganistic materialism on the conduct of the ruling class of great groups of people. While the teaching of morals, ethics, philosophy and religion has declined in secular schools and colleges, and even in Sunday schools, in Western Civilization, the one-time considered innocent philosophy of Karl Marx and Nietzsche has been transplanted from the “ivory towers” of academic discussion to head a revolution among millions of illiterate, impoverished and oppressed people who have been too busy trying to keep body and soul together to give a thought to any other subject. The aggressive leaders of this revolution have manifested either atheism of the intel­lect, their gods being race, class, science, and progress, or atheism of the will, their gods being power, fame, and wealth. The abhorrent nature of their conduct is too well known to warrant mention again, and is not a recommendation for atheism or barren agnosticism of any sort or description.

Also, note the behavior of the individual atheist or pagan when he is confronted with adversity and the materialistic reason for living is crushed. Suicide is frequently their solu­tion. When the purpose of living no longer exists, as revealed in suicide notes, self-destruction is frequently resorted to—as in the case of alcoholics. When Hitler and his gang de­spoiled the unorthodox German Jews of their wealth, fame and power, many committed suicide. This was not true of the orthodox Jews; their reason for living was made more distinct and precious by adversity. The person who really believes in God never lacks for an inspiring, impelling and noble reason for living.

Furthermore, no human agency, having been given or hav­ing taken by force the privilege of physical and/or economic coercion, whether it a ruling gang, a monarchy, a mob, a labor union, a professional or economic monopoly, a bureau­cratic group inside or outside government, can escape a significant degree of corruption. Power grabbed by force or obtained and held by chicanery, and subject to no direct structural and functional check of the governed, is bound to become corrupt. In the case of atheists the corruption is bound to be amplified manifoldly.


¹ Colossians 2:9: For in [Christ] the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily,

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