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I write about religion, books, culture, politics and philosophy.

NJV Coat of ArmsOne of the many goals is to preserve and promote the teaching ministries of conservative reformed theologians such as Drs. Carl Bogue, Greg Bahnsen, and John Gerstner by archiving excerpts in short and long form on this site. I also aim to create renewed interest in the historic theological work of influential giants of the reformed faith such as  Francis Turretin.

As a guest or substitute teacher at your church or Bible study, I am available to present an exciting and interactive series on the doctrine of the Trinity at no cost to you.

I attend Shiloh Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Our pastor is Jason West.


IMPORTANT NOTE: My posts may or may not represent the views of Shiloh Community Church. The information on this site is not endorsed in whole or in part by Shiloh Community Church.


Ten reasons why I am a Christian.

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